Liverpool Pt. I

**Just a little note: This post was previously published on my former blog. I don’t want anybody reading it then flipping out and thinking I stole it. I feel like the my posts about Liverpool and Wales are essential for having a whole picture of my travelling this summer, so I’ve decided to re-post them here.**

Although my first two months of working abroad through Workaway were spent mainly in Ireland, I took the time to visit parts of the UK also. The first place I saw was Liverpool, England. I was a bit intimidated before arriving because several people said “You’re going to Liverpool? Alone?!” when they found out I wasn’t going for a visit with friends or family.

It all turned out well though, because I had a blast in Liverpool. There were plenty of things to do, places to see, and vegan food to eat. Plus any time I got lost (which I’m embarrassed to admit happened a few times), passersby were always happy to help and point to a spot on the map or tell me that Google Maps had sent me the wrong way.

I stayed in the cutest hostel ever, called Podzzz. It was the perfect size and had everything I needed in the single room. Plus the staff there were probably the friendliest I’ve met on my travels.


Liverpool left a great impression on me, and I loved all the interesting things you’d find walking around the city. Ranging from an urban wildflower field to street art.





My first meal in the city was at The Egg, a vegetarian cafe in the city center. Although the atmosphere was nice, I’m sad to say my meal was a flop.

20140727-184910-67750791.jpgI ordered the spicy burger, and when they brought out the plate I honestly thought they’d chosen the wrong dish. The sides were utterly flavorless and the “burger” was just like a large falafel with bland marinara sauce on top. It was the first time I have had a bad meal while eating at an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant before, so I was pretty disappointed.


Unperturbed by my less than satisfying lunch, I wandered around the shopping district and found the holy grail of punk clothes and oddities: Grand Central Hall. This place was packed full of unique little shops with a variety of clothes, jewelry, comic books, and records. Everything was relatively well priced too, unlike a lot of these specialty themed markets I’ve seen.


I also visited the Walker Art Gallery, which featured some amazing quilts by Grayson Perry. The place was huge too, and took about two hours to go through the whole thing.


For dinner, I had planned to hit up a nearby vegan restaurant just down the block. Upon seeing their closed sign, I decided to meander down the street until I found a restaurant that looked like it had vegan options. Luckily for me, The Brink was right down the road. The staff was knowledgeable about what options were available, and I ended up settling with a bowl of creamy (due to blended potatoes/carrots) tomato soup. And also, I drank a bottle of the best root beer I’ve ever had! I’ll have a tough time finding something that compares to this in the States.


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