Glasgow was probably my favorite city that I visited this summer. Something about it’s vibe just made me happy to wander around the streets and chat with the people I met. It may have also helped that they had a lot of amazing vegan restaurants to choose from.

The one I visited the most was Stereo, a hidden gem in a dark alley plastered with band posters. They had a set menu and also daily specials to choose from.

My favorite meal of the entire trip: loaded nachos.
It was corn chips topped with cheese, seasoned refried beans, salsa, sour cream (best vegan sour cream ever, by the way), and jalapeños. It’s so ridiculously good that I ate this a total of three times over my two trips to Glasgow.
The other meal I tried at Stereo was the cheeseburger. The bean burger was delicious with a flavorful creamy sauce and stretchy vegan cheese. Served on the side was a lightly dressed salad with a hint of citrus, and home fries.
The Duke of Wellington statue was on my must see list.
It was conveniently near the Gallery of Modern Art, which had an amazing showcase of a project featuring cardboard models of every religious building in town.
IMG_0324.JPGThe other vegan restaurant I frequented was Mono. Sadly something seemed to get in the way every time I ate, so I never managed to snap a photo of my meals. I went twice and got the portobello mushroom burger with beer battered onion rings (yum!) then the chili dog with aioli fries. Everything was delicious.

One of the coolest things about Mono though was the fact that it had a record store and zine shop in the same building. While I waited on my food to cook, I wandered through Good Press and its array of interesting zines.This was my personal favorite.
A bit sad to see what is considered to be “American” food here.
The best place to visit on a sunny day was the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It’s a beautiful building and has lovely grounds to lay around on.

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