Slow Sunday: Satay

I’m officially changing it from Slow Saturday to Sunday. I usually double at work on Saturdays, which makes it a pain to take a photo of and then blog about a meal during a short afternoon break. Most Sundays I have more free time, so therefore more time to share yummy food.

Today I was interested in trying something new. I really wanted to attempt this satay recipe, but Peter’s hatred of all things peanut was holding me back. Then it dawned on me that I had an almost completely full jar of almond butter in the back of the pantry. Since it would have the same texture and none of the awesome offending peanut flavor, I gave it a try. 

So I dumped all the ingredients into the slow cooker, except the brown sugar since my almond butter was sweetened, and cooked it on high. We ate it on top of a pile of brown rice and it was awesome! Peter described it as “weird, but good” so I’ll take that as a success. 



My work on the Adventure Time cookbook project continues. My first attempt this week ended with a smoky kitchen after I learned that a molasses glaze on “meat”loaf can scorch very easily. 

Pitctured below was a successful recipe for the filling of an Everything Burrito. I was out of tortillas, so I just ate the parts individually as a meal. 

The salsa and rice recipe are totally finished, but the beans need a bit of tweaking. I like the heat of the cayenne I used, but I’m not sure I like the flavor it’s adding. We’ll see, I may try to add heat a different way. I have my eye on pickled jalapeno juice for my next attempt. 


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