Monstrous Sushi (Vegan MoFo #9)


Mike Wazowski! If you can hear that in your head, then you’re probably a Monster’s Inc. fan too. Or you’re hearing voices and should get that checked out.

Monster’s Inc. is probably my favorite Pixar movie to date. The story focuses on two friends, Mike and Sulley, who work at a factory together. Their jobs involve taking closet doors through to children’s rooms and scaring them at night. They then capture their screams, which is a power source for the monster world. The problem is that they believe humans are toxic to touch, so it is considered a dangerous job.

monstersincWhen a little girl, Boo, follows them back through the door, the buddies are sent on an adventure while attempting to keep themselves safe and also send her back home. One of the best scenes is when Mike and his girlfriend are out on a sushi date. The restaurant soon turns into chaos when Boo pops up and scares all of the customers away.


IMG_0288.JPGImages property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. 

This was my first time making sushi, and I could look at the first and final roll next to each other (I made a total of four) and see how fast my rolling skills had improved. I think the key is to have just enough filling, not too much or too little. These rolls had avocado and cucumber in them and were served with soy sauce and wasabi.

monsters inc sushi

Non-Poisoned Baked Apples (Vegan MoFo #8)


Though I haven’t had a ton of time to blog about it this Vegan MoFo, I have been making a lot of yummy Disney themed foods. So though we’re close to the end, there is still more to come!

Snow White has always been one of those films that creeped me out a bit. The story is just strange (heck, she’s living in the wild with seven men) because of the poisoned apple, the prince kissing a corpse he finds in the woods, etc. Plus nothing compares to the ride at Disney World, which is way too dark and crap-your-pants scary as a kid. Anyway, it’s still considered a Disney classic, so I felt compelled to cook from it.

snow white

Image property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. 

I’ve never been a huge raw apple fan (except for the granny smith kind) so when I was young I always wondered why Snow White was tempted by the poisoned apple. So I decided to make something I would be tempted to eat, even when given by a weird old witch: baked apples with caramel sauce.

snow white apples

I just sliced up a few apples and baked them until tender. Then I made some caramel sauce, with a dash of imitation butter extract for a butterscotch flavor, and drizzled it over. Super delicious.